Mrs. Enríquez de Allen is pictured here in 1955 with her 4th grade class at Fernando Bermea public school in Villa Union, Coahuila, Mexico. She is the lady with glasses behind the central desk. Her son Mario Castillo, age 9, was in her class also. He is the 5th one from the left on the second row from the top. 

Burgundy Brown Bearded Iris

Maria Enríquez de Allen at the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum with her ofrenda for Day of the Dead dedicated to her first husband, Manuel Castillo

de Leon and her first daughter, Minerva. Maria's forte was flower-making as displayed here in this grand scale installation at the NMMA in Chicago.

One of this site’s missions is to provide Mrs. Enríquez de Allen’s biographical data, as well as display her extensive body of work. Maria’s oeuvre covers a great variety of media. We will gradually start adding more work beyond these initial displays of sculptures, paintings, and drawings.  

In order to acquire sufficient funds to build a cultural center/museum in her name, some of her work will be offered for sale as limited editions and open edition prints. If you participate in this cultural endeavor, we truly appreciate it and thank you ahead of time for your contribution. We invite museums and other institutions to contact us for acquisitions of original pieces.



Mixed-media bone sculptures

This site is dedicated to the memory of Maria Enríquez de Allen, Manuel Castillo de Leon, Harold Allen and Jose M. Enríquez. As this MEDA (Maria Enríquez de Allen) site gets developed, a diverse collection of art from High Art to Outsider Art will be added. Some will be for viewing only while others you may purchase as originals. In some cases, other images will be offered as prints-on-demand on some products through POD sites.

Fantasy Garden


Eaglet Ready to Fly

MEDA Fine Arts

Maria Enríquez de Allen