This site is dedicated to the memory of Maria Enríquez de Allen, Manuel Castillo de Leon, Harold Allen and Jose M. Enríquez. As this MEDA (Maria Enríquez de Allen) site gets developed, a diverse collection of art from High Art to Outsider Art will be added. Some will be for viewing only while others you may purchase as originals. In some cases, other images will be offered as prints-on-demand on some products through POD sites.

Harold Allen Subway Station, Chicago, Illinois

You may see various pages/galleries with artwork and this site is still being developed

Maria Enríquez de Allen, Bull's Head, mixed media 

MEDA Fine Arts

Mario Castillo, Meda Fine Arts Paintings & Drawings

Photography credit for this photograph: Harold Allen

Mario Castillo, Meda fine arts prints and photography; Mario Castillo art studio; Mario Castillo online art gallery